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Product Description:

Santha Home Flour Mill “Floura”

Recognised for our outstanding quality and innovation we are glad to launch a revolutionary product santha Home Flour Mill - Floura the healthiest way to mill grain. Made of granite stones the machine mills various grains, pulses, spices and a whole variety of products without inducing heat into the milled product. Edible produce like wheat, rice, ragi, dhania, pepper, bajra, dried chillies and many other products can be milled. It can be milled in the required Flour Grade (fineness) by a simple adjustment.

The grinding process ensures low heat buildup of the milled substance and there by retains the nutrients, fibres, vitamin value of food along with the natural flavor. It has all the advantages of the traditional chakki plus it is much more convenient to use in the kitchen.

Technical Specification

Model                         :   Floura

Rated Capacity          :   3 to 6 kgs per hour - varies with the output Flour Grade (Fineness)

Rated Voltage           :   220 /50 Hz

Operating Speed      :   1400 Rpm / .75 Hp  

Rated Current           :   5 Amps

Net Weight                :   32 Kgs (approx)

Suitable For






Soya Bean

Green Gram/Hoarse Gram


Turmeric (Small pieces completely dried)

Well Dried Red Chillies ( Small Pieces )

Products that do not contain Moisture or Oil can be milled

How the Mill Works

The grain starts from the centre and in between the two stones. From the centre it travels to the outer edge of the stone. During this operation the husk gets peeled off layer by layer because of the attrition between the stones. This ensures that the grains are gradually reduced to the desired size without generating any heat even in rava grade.

Flour Grade (Fineness) Adjuster

The Flour Grade Adjuster is used to adjust the fineness of the flour being milled. This is a rotating knob that can be turned in the Clockwise Direction to get a Fine Grade and in the Anti-Clockwise Direction to get a Coarse Grade. The adjustment can be done as the grain gets milled.

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