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USA vs Germany - who makes the best cars?

Luxury Cars in US & Germany

Luxury" sedans: Lincoln Continental vs. , The S-mercedes Klasse

Duesenberg, the Cadillac, Packard - the names of American sedans class "luxury" used to be a very sonorous and were among the best of the best. Nowadays, however, they are unable to compete with the German models. Even Lincoln Continental, perhaps the most prestigious cars produced in Detroit, has not the slightest chance against the S-Klasse: its chic leather seats do not offer and a bit of comfort that gives the Mercedes, which seats equipped with special programs Energizing, through which the passenger feels like at the spa.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class
Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class

While the most powerful motor of the "American" has six cylinders, the "Swabian" line of engines that only begins, ending on 12 cylinders in version AMG. And where the S-Klasse for several minutes goes virtually autonomously from Continental have to be grateful even for a system of automatic adjustment of the distance from the front of traveling cars. Definitely one point in Germany's favor.

Minivans: Chrysler Pacifica vs. The Zafira opel

the Chrysler once had great success by developing a model Voyager. When the German families were forced to save money on bulky minivan from Volkswagen, the Americans brought into the world "monocab" - a hybrid of a large sedan and a bus.Now, this model is called Pacifica and has a worldwide number of "copies" - in particular, Opel Zafira.
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One would assume that this model was developed by "daughter" of the American concern General Motors. It is very similar to Pacifica visually possesses similar characteristics and offers passengers about the same amount of interior space. At the Zafira has a number of advantages thanks to the love of the Germans to the specific details and more diligent selection of materials to riding delivered to the driver, if possible, more fun. But Chrysler over the past years have learned something: Pacifica was the world's first minivan with a hybrid engine, thereby earning at least a draw.

Pickups: Ford F-150 vs. Amarok volkswagen

the Ford the F-150 is the best-selling car in the US, and its position in the market is so stable that the "Germans" are unlikely to be swayed by it. Nevertheless, they still tend to bite off a piece of the "pie". Although Amarok is a car slightly smaller class than the F-150, it is comparable with Ford on certain characteristics. In particular, despite the slightly smaller size, it offers passengers a comparable amount of interior space.
Ford F-150 vs. Amarok volkswagen

Vehicle Ford F-150

However, Ford offers riders more comfort and, if they so wish, more power. The complete transport Raptor modern cowboys turns into a sort of "sportven". And although its design could hardly be more "brutal", the F-150 - a thoroughly modern car equipped with a ten automatic transmission, large compared with "German", the number of auxiliary systems and the best "infotainment". In addition, it is the first model launched in series production, consisting entirely of aluminum, so it is not too heavy and thus equalizes between the two countries. One point in favor of the US.

Sports Cars: Chevrolet Corvette vs. Porsche 911

Nowhere is the competition between "Germans" and "Americans" can not be called more intense than between the Porsche 911 and Chevrolet Corvette. Both models boast a long history and a rich tradition, and for many generations to remain true to this tradition - both characterized by a love of speed and driving pleasure. It does not matter whether the driver wants to "light" the location of the front engine V8 or six-cylinder "boxer", located behind - this is a matter of personal preference. "Ignite" and he succeeds on one, and on the other cars.

Its shortcomings in terms of elegance and "high-tech» Corvette fully compensated for by lower prices. In the end, the scales on the side of Porsche bow their love for the traditional lines and more confidence in the car at top speed and fast corners. In addition, with the exception, perhaps, only Ferrari there is no other cars, so little is lost in the price of resale as Porsche. The result: a slight advantage on the side of Germany.

SUV: Cadillac Escalade vs. Audi Q7

If we are in the world a kind of "native American" car, this SUV. Machines of this type have also been developed in England, Japan and Germany, but no one is taken aback by converting these "workhorses" in character "lifestyle" so early and worked on this transformation is so purposefully, as Americans. The personification of this car can be called Cadillac Escalade, which is equally admired as fans of "gangsta rap", and real estate brokers. In the US, people like its size, its eye-catching design and its powerful engine V8. 

The rest of the world, this "Big Mac" for fans of horsepower sold with difficulty, especially as the other markets it has to face major competitors like the Audi Q7. It offers its passengers comparable to much space, being thus also a much more modern car. This applies, for example, how many auxiliary board and "infotainment" systems, and significantly longer "line" engines that will interest both fans to save fuel, and fans to "light", not paying attention to consumption. So that the Cadillac Escalade no chance - one point in Germany's favor. 

Electric cars: Chevrolet Bolt vs. BMW i3

When it comes to cars with electric motors, it must be admitted that Germany is still a "developing country", although the engineers in Wolfsburg and Stuttgart and Ingolstadt quietly "wake up", and BMW and did quite timely recognized global trend and I have already managed to launch a line of models i. However, in this segment, Germany and the United States are reversed. And it is not even the success of electric cars Tesla - simply compare "process lighthouse» i3 and Chevrolet Bolt.

Models are Chevrolet Bolt EV during a preview of the Seoul Motor Show

No expensive carbon construction, no "ekointerer" with inserts made of palm fiber and the olive tree is not able to provide a "Bavarian" advantage over "American." Even the "upgrade" of the battery cost seven thousand euro does not help: Bolt, who under the name Opel Ampera-e will soon be on the German market, has a more powerful battery and has a cruising range of 520 km against 300 at i3. Thus it is not only cheaper, but also more practical, but for most drivers even more likable. Here we can only congratulate the Americans! One point is awarded to designers from Detroit.

Cars for the masses: Chevrolet Malibu vs. Volkswagen Golf

the Chevrolet the Malibu - Volkswagen Golf is the American way: when the average American in Detroit looking for an average car, he turns his attention to America's "cousin» Opel Insignia. It is much larger than the Golf, but this is understandable - in America and wider road, and the distance is much greater.

Golf, in turn, offers a wide and modern "line" engines - both diesel and petrol up to the R hybrid or electric modification. It has almost all the auxiliary systems, that of the car the higher classes, as well as larger touch "infotainment" screen, in comparison with which the display looks sort of Malibu "Nokiey" 3310 against the backdrop of iPhone 7S. In addition, if Malibu driver and passengers are forced to settle for dull plastic in the cabin, in the Golf can be ordered lacquered wood and natural leather. And purely by driving a smaller car, you can have more fun. More - is better? Sorry, dear friends overseas, but not in this case. Total victory is awarded to Germany.


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