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Trump "closed" Cuba

Trump "closed" Cuba

Trump closes Cuba

President Donald Trump closed the door of opportunity, which, after nearly sixty years of mutual hostility, political confrontation, sanctions, economic, financial and commercial blockade slightly opened in December 2014, Raul Castro and Barack Obama.
President Trump appeared at the city theater of Miami, named after one of the leaders of the mercenary invasion of Cuba in April 1961, Manuel Artime, a chant patriotic slogans amidst shouts of "USA!" And under uncontrolled delight the audience. All who have raged in the stalls and boxes, already knew what the president and what he says will speak.
They are not just waiting for the application of Donald Trump, they longed for it, because in the theater named after Manuel Artime gathered only those who did not take the course Obama's rapprochement with Cuba, who selflessly fought and fights the "Castro regime", lives this struggle spiritually and materially and he does not want to even hear about compromises and negotiations. Donald Trump did not disappoint their expectations. He did not disappoint his voters and he who has promised a tougher policy towards Cuba. But disappointment ten million Cubans who until recently had hoped for a different outcome, and nearly two million Cuban-Americans, the vast majority of whom, according to numerous polls, they want to continue the previous course.
Cuban project of ex-President Obama, which brought him the good points inside and outside the United States, struck-through.
Agreement in principle to move from confrontation to dialogue and a series of detailed agreements reached in the course of contacts between Raul Castro and Barack Obama and key figures of their teams, for two and a half of last year allowed the restoration of diplomatic relations in full, provided the freedom of Americans to travel to the island and personal contacts between the citizens of both countries, gave a powerful impetus to the development of cultural and humanitarian ties, laid the foundation for the growth of economic cooperation ...
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Of course, neither the restoration of diplomatic relations, or free trips and money transfers by Americans to Cuba, not even Obama's directive "Normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba", which provides, in particular, the lifting of the embargo, describing it as "an outdated policy", - all these steps were not idyllic. Both countries remained bunch gravest claims against each other. Cubans demanded the return of Guantanamo, where the US elimination of the naval base and the infamous prison, the Americans - changes in political, social and economic models on the island. For each of the parties to partner demands were unacceptable, but they did not rule out talks and, most importantly, the relationship of equality and, in the words of the Cuban side, "civilized coexistence," in spite of the profound disagreements between governments.
This Trump canceled. However, in fairness it should be noted that by closing the door, the president left unlocked pane, stating not only the possibility but also the desirability of negotiations on topics of mutual interest. And he overturned the not all that has been achieved over the past two and a half years. Only the most important.
For example, trade, economic and financial embargo on Cuba will continue in full and even, perhaps, will be strengthened. Donald Trump says the blockade the main tool to "improve the human rights situation" on the island, as well as restrictions of "interference and influence of Cuba" in Latin America. Obviously to better ensure the civil liberties of Americans, signed by the president of the same, on the stage, the directive with a complex called "Presidential Memorandum on national security issues concerning strengthening of the United States policy towards Cuba" prohibits US citizens from the individual free travel to Cuba. Visit the island can now be only with a certain pre-stated purpose in government organizations and only as a group. Introduced stricter controls on remittances Americans to the island, but really they are not canceled. But imposed a strict ban on any cooperation of US business with Cuban companies, firms and institutions associated with the army and other security institutions, and there are in Cuba so much - army structures sufficient scale involved in the island's economy, especially in tourism and hotel business.
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However, Donald Trump has to reckon not only with the audience that had gathered to welcome a new course in the theater Manuel Artime in Miami. As statistics show, the majority of Americans, about 65%, including a large part of the political establishment to act in support of the previous policy. According to the latest polls, even the majority of Republicans, 64%, favor the development of the process of rapprochement with Cuba, initiated by President Obama.
Therefore, the President Trump does not change anything in the level of diplomatic relations - ambassador to Havana, he does not intend to withdraw. Therefore, he graciously allowed American companies and banks to work with self-employed people and small businesses Cuba, did not prohibit remittances and allowed to continue cultural and humanitarian contacts. In general, nuts tighten up, but not screwed to the end. Relationships are possible, but progress in their stipulated by the American side a number of conditions, mainly ideological and political nature, most of which are not acceptable for the Cuban people. In a statement, the Cuban government about changing US policy course, these conditions are characterized as "an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign state."
Here, everything is clear: the picture is quite sad, but not hopeless - as long as the vents open and the door, though shut, but not bricked.
It now remains to find out what this gesture means a new president for Latin America and for us, for Russia.
Firstly, the nuts seem to be screwed administration Trump not only in relations with Cuba. First of all, drastic measures are waiting for Venezuela. Actually, the president of Trump and made no secret of such prospects, not just uniting Cuba and Venezuela in a speech in Miami. Obviously, it is necessary to prepare for trouble Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and other states, demonstrating an independent and focused on self-interest policy.
Secondly, perhaps Russia should think about how to get a little to intensify and expand its presence in Latin America?continent today, more than ever, need the second pole of influence in the region, to support and political assistance.We have a lot to gain from this, moreover it is not necessary to invest billions of dollars in investment are now in the region. Of course, it is desirable, but it is possible to manage those contracts and plans that are being implemented there by our oil and gas companies. But our information, cultural and political presence is quite able to rise to a higher level. In the end, the United States did not hesitate to continuously expand its influence in Ukraine, why should we be sensitive in Cuba, Nicaragua or Venezuela?

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