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In London, the van crashed into a crowd of people

Terrorist act or not: state of emergency in... by hspost

In London, the van crashed into a crowd of people

On the night of Monday, June 19, in the north-east of London van hit a crowd of people. According to witnesses at the scene can be seen several bodies lying motionless.
"I see two or four people still are," - said a resident of the area by the name of Cynthia.According to her, at the time of collision of the car she was at home and heard the cries of the people, according toRIA Novosti .
London police and emergency services went to the scene on the street Seven Sisters.According to a law enforcement official, calling the incident arrived at 00:20 local time. He said that there are injured, one person was detained.
According to information TASS , as a result of a collision with pedestrians van more than a dozen people were injured. The incident occurred near the local mosque at a time when the faithful dispersed after the night prayer. The driver of the van was seized passersby and handed him over to the police. The British edition of Sun reports that as a result of a collision could have been killed two people.
RIA Novosti reports that the incident of the car jumped a man armed with a knife. As a result of his attack, at least one person was stabbed. Police arrested one man - a dark-haired white man.
One of the mosque congregation, close to where the attack occurred, said: "I saw four or five people on the ground at least, one was stabbed crowd caught the guy he tried to.Make it the same as it was on London Bridge."
Man Drives Van Into Crowd Near London Mosque

According to Sky News TV channel with reference to witness what happened, just rammed a van pedestrians were three men, one of them arrested, two others managed to escape.
The representative of the Muslim Council of Britain said that as a result of a collision with pedestrians van mosque visitors were injured.
An incident at a London mosque informed British Prime Minister Tereza Mey. According to the head office, "her thoughts were with the victims, their relatives and the emergency services at the scene."
In the area of ​​Finsbury Park, where the street of the Seven Sisters, is a well-known Salafist mosque, which takes parishioners north-east London. From 1997 to 2004 it was the Imam of a radical preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri, accused of having links with "Al-Qaeda". In 2004, he was arrested and later sentenced to seven years in prison for advocating terrorism, incitement to violence and incitement to racial hatred. In 2011, the prison term expired, but the preacher continued to be kept in prison.
In the US, Abu Hamza al-Masri, is charged with conspiracy to organize training camps of militants in the state of Oregon and complicity in the seizure of 16 hostages in Yemen in 1998. Being a supporter of radical Islam in the late 80-ies of the XX century, he went to Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet forces. During the fighting, the future pyreacher lost both hands and began to wear a prosthesis in the form of hooks.


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